Our lab investigates fluid dynamics on the basis of uncluttered, simplified models. This enables us to unravel basic mechanisms and governing parameters. We focus on hydrodynamic instability applied to separated flows, coaxial jets and droplet formation, as well as droplet based microfluidics.


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11th July 2018: New semester and master projects available.            

22nd Novmber 2018: LFMI is proud to announce that Dr. Gaétan Lerisson, Pier Giuseppe Ledda, Dr. Gioele Balestra and Prof. François Gallaire are the winners of the 2018 APS/DFD Milton von Dyke Award at the gallery of fluid motion.

1st November 2018: LFMI welcomes Dr. Giuseppe Antonio Zampogna as a postdoctoral researcher.

6th September 2018: LFMI congratulates its new Doctor ès Sciences

Dr. Gioele Balestra: Pattern formation in thin liquid films: from coating-flow instabilities to microfluidic droplets (Thesis No 8828)

31st August 2018: LFMI congratulates its new Doctor ès Sciences

Dr. Giacomo Gallino: When droplets deform, break up and propel microswimmers (Thesis No 8821)

1st March 2018: LFMI welcomes Dr. Ludovic Keiser as a postdoctoral researcher.

16th February 2018: LFMI congratulates its new Doctor ès Sciences

Dr. Simon Pasche: Dynamics and Optimal Control of Self-Sustained Instabilities in Laminar and Turbulent Swirling Flows: Application to the Part Load Vortex Rope in Francis Turbines (Thesis No 8363)

2nd February 2018: Seminar by Alexandre Stegner (Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France) on Intense oceanic eddies, from observations to linear stability analysis

3rd January 2018: LFMI welcomes Dr. Hervé Elettro as a postdoctoral researcher.

1st September 2017: LFMI welcomes Dr. Eunok Yim as a postdoctoral researcher.

15th June 2017: LFMI welcomes Dr. Mathias Bechert as a postdoctoral researcher.

15th Mai 2017: LFMI welcomes Dr. Gaétan Lerisson as a postdoctoral researcher.

3rd April 2017: LFMI welcomes Dr. Lorenzo Siconolfi as a postdoctoral researcher.

5-6 November 2016: Come and discovery what we do at the EPFL Open Days 2016.

7th October 2016: LFMI congratulates its new Doctor ès Sciences

Dr. Francesco Viola: Resonance in swirling wakes and sloshing waves: non-normal and sublinear effects (Thesis No 7276)

15th September 2016: International news on Sloshing with foam

article in AIP Publishing

article in Main on Sunday

article in SCIENCEMAG

article in Diariocritico

article in OnlineNigeria

22nd April 2016: LFMI is proud to announce that Dr. Belinda Bates of the LHE and Dr. Vladislav Mantic Lugo of the LFMI are the winners of the Ryhming Prize

4th April 2016: New article published in the journal Nature Communications in collaboration with a team from MIT.

Chocolate-inspired theory predicts thickness of coatings

articleMIT newsvideo

Congratulation to the tenured Associate Professor!

Well done François!


 4th of December 2015: Seminar Modeling droplets flowing in microchannels by Dr. Mathias Nagel, ETHZ, recipient of the Rhyming Prize 2014

3rd November 2015: ULAMBATOR workshop, December 10th 2015 at the Université Libre de BruxellesRegistration

2nd November 2015: LFMI congratulates its two new Doctor ès Sciences:

1st October 2015: LFMI welcomes the visiting Professor Elise Lorenceau.

1st June 2015: LFMI welcomes the visiting Professor Thomas Peacock.

16th April 2015: LFMI is proud to announce that Dr. Mathias Nagel is the winner of the Ryhming Prize 2015 for his PhD thesis.

19th March 2015: An open-source version of the solver ULAMBATOR for two-phase flows in microfluidic channels is available.

10th September 2014: LFMI is proud to announce that Dr. Edouard Boujo is the winner of the EDME Award 2014 for his PhD thesis.

August 2014: LFMI congratulates its two first Doctor ès Sciences:

International news on Pierre-Thomas Brun’s lasso dynamics from APS March meeting 2014.

Feature on BBC – here

Article in Le Monde – here

Article in Le Figaro

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